NextNav’s iOS ZSDK generates highly accurate vertical location data for any host application using the barometric sensors found in most devices and NextNav’s dedicated transmitter network.

How it works

Host applications can use the ZSDK to request altitude data in one of four supported modes:  one time only, once per second, once every thirty seconds, or once per minute.

Altitude Data is reported in meters HAE (based on the WGS-84 geodetic system) and in HAT (Height Above Terrain)

After NextNav generates the altitude measurement, the ZSDK provides it to the host application via a defined interface, along with any status and/or error messages.

The ZSDK is available as an xcframework file for integration into iOS Apps.  Access to the vertical positioning data from the ZSDK is enabled via the use of a developer key provided under license from NextNav. A unique developer key is needed for each app bundle ID/name. 

System requirements

  • File size = ~2MB
  • iOS 11, 12, and 13
  • iOS device with a barometric sensor
  • Required data sources
    • 2D location Data
    • Pressure Data
    • Storage
    • Network Access

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