Senior Systems Engineer - Navigation System Performance Measurement & Analysis

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Date Posted: 
January 8, 2019
Sunnyvale, Ca 94085
Position Summary: 

This position is for a Senior Systems Engineer working on positioning system performance measurement and analysis through the development of field test platforms, organizing field test campaigns, and real-time and post-processing performance data analysis.

Essential Functions: 
  • Develop field test platforms for the measurement and analysis of the performance of various positioning systems, including terrestrial, GNSS, and sensors.
  • Organize targeted field testing campaigns to collect the data for detailed navigation (sub)-system performance analysis.
  • Identify performance metrics, create data analysis scripts, analyze field data, and determine positioning system performance bottlenecks and identify potential improvements areas.
Education, Experience, Skills and Attributes: 


  • MS in EE/ECE/Other Allied fields
  • 3+ years of experience in practical field setup development, measurement and analysis of positioning system performance.
  • Experience with the planning of targeted field tests designed to identify performance bottlenecks, instrumenting field test setups, execution of field tests, post-test analysis and documentation.
  • Experience with Linux for development and interfacing of devices used in field testing is highly desired. Experience with ROS is a plus
  • Experience with the use of SDR (for example USRP, GNU radio) for RF capture and playback is highly desired
  • Experience with GNSS receivers (including understanding of assistance, code phase, carrier phase, RTK) is highly desired
  • Understanding of RF including link budget, antenna, filtering, etc. is desired
  • Ability to do performance analysis in Matlab / Python (including measurement quality, statistical performance, identifying errors etc.)
  • Strong math/analytical background and expertise with respect to above mentioned skills
  • Ability to work independently and within a team on challenging technical problems across multiple teams.

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